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Why the SAT?

The SAT is the standardized exam with the most international significance and which opens doors to the largest number of scholarships worldwide. It’s more than a mere admissions exam, as it serves as a key reference to students worldwide who aspire to study at the best American universities and obtain sizable scholarships for merit, academics, need, and/or athletics, which help families meet the costs of educating their children more successfully.

Every day there are more universities, both in Europe and the rest of the world, which accept the SAT as valid proof for access to admissions by national and international students. Currently, the SAT is accepted at universities in 97 countries in the world.

Compared to other international exams, the SAT is more numerous. Students who obtain high scores on the SAT have access to more advantages than students with high scores in any other standardized exam by Cambridge (PET, First Certificate, Advanced, and Proficiency).

Online Standardize Test Prep

  • The program offers maximum-quality preparation geared towards any student interested in studying at top universities in the United States with scholarship packages.
  • Private, personalized classes carried out over online platforms, ZOOM/Skype.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Initial diagnostics and design of personalized preparation plan.
  • The program includes one hour of personalized homework assigned to each student for each hour of classes with an instructor. Thus, for every contracted hour an additional hour is obtained.

Ivy League Education boasts a staff of instructors specialized in pre-university standardized exams (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject, Pre-SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and AP Courses) as well as pre-graduate exams: (GMAT, GRE, LSAT). Students have a range of instructors to choose from for online classes, who make up the Ivy League Education teams:

» ELITE / PREMIUM: Harvard and Princeton graduate instructors.

» PREFERRED: American native instructors.

» HÍBRIDO: combination of the two options above (e.g., ½ Harvard/Princeton and ½ American native instructors).

Highest SAT score: 1,510/1,600 points0%
Highest TOEFL score: 110/210 points0%
Highest SAT Subject score: 800/8000%