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María Pérez

Cornell University


We learned about Ivy League Education through the collaboration agreement they hold with the Tennis Federation of Madrid. After a precise analysis of my academic and tennis performance, and after designing a detailed roadmap with a three-year plan, we got to work with determination. Visits to American universities marked a before and after and motivated me greatly. Thanks to the SAT classes with Harvard tutors, I was able to obtain a 2180, which allowed me to enter Cornell University. The school of engineering at Cornell is one of the best in the world and offers a highly rigorous and complete program. I’m certain I’ll learn a lot and grow in all aspects.


As the daughter of expatriates, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world and have learned to respect the places, the persons, and their customs. My mother studies her degree in the United States, and I always wanted to follow in her footsteps. I feel like I’ve come full circle, having taken my first steps in the USA and returning there to study.

As an Italian with American family, my parents and I were always aware that we would only consider the possibility of attending an American university if it were a top institution with global prestige. Mi dream has come true at Hamilton College. What I most enjoy about the university is its Open Curriculum, because it allows me to study exactly what interests me most and it gives me the possibility of attending new classes I would never have imagined studying.

Among the many interests and passions I have, I practice golf and take part in the university’s team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family for their help, and Ramón Romero, through whom I obtained my admission. We see that one of they keys in my admission was the personal relationship Ramón has with the deans at these top universities, as well as the staff of Harvard- and Princeton-graduate tutors at Ivy League Education, who have helped me obtain the results I needed for admission.

Chiara Bondi

Hamilton College

Guillermo García

Connecticut College


Is it true that top US education with world prestige is only available to the rich and powerful? That’s what I thought as a result of the myths and the rumors, and because I come from a middle-class family.


From my hometown of Cáceres, I often dreamed of the possibility of studying at a great American university. However, early on, I entered a US university with a low level of rigor through a sports scholarship company. Once there, I wondered about my future as the standards at that institution were far below my aspirations. I didn’t know if I was able to obtain non-sports scholarships generous enough for my parents to be able to cope with paying the rest. I didn’t know that, the lower the academic level at a university, the more sports scholarships they grant and that, to the contrary, top US universities barely offer sports scholarships but do provide others of different nature. All of this seemed like science fiction to my family and me.


Thanks to my family’s unconditional support and my good friend David Plasencia, I have been able to reorient my life toward a top university in the United States with a family income-based scholarship and, as Obama said in his inauguration speech: YES WE CAN! If I have been able, many others will be able to, too. I encourage you to explore other nonconventional roads.


I was raised in Qatar, a country where we didn’t even have tennis tournaments. My goal was to maintain a balance between tennis and education, which I could only do in the United States. I wanted to open my mind as much as possible and obtain an education as open to other worlds as possible. My primary goal was to acquire skills that surpass the normal and become the best professional possible, as well as a better person.

I never had helicopter parents, nor did they hand me everything so I wouldn’t fall. However, they did provide me with all the tools that could help make me into the person I am today.

Thanks to the support of my family, who learned about the consulting of Ramón Romero and IVY League Education, they showed me the way to reach Princeton University, and now I’m studying a doctorate at Georgia Tech.

Mohamed El Tonbari

Princeton University

Carlos Divar

Georgia Institute of Technology

Carlos Divar – Georgia Tech

After going through many bumps and curves on the never-easy road of the tennis player, with only 14 years of age, I left my hometown of Vitoria for Barcelona to train at the highest level. After 3 years in Barcelona, we decided to transfer me to one of the leading academies in Europe which proves integral training and which has placed the most Spanish students/tennis players at the most prestigious universities in the United States. I never thought I could go to one of the top 65 universities in the world. During the selection process, I received many offers from universities which contacted with me directly through my trainer, Javier Fernández, and TGA academy at Marbella, but we saw that, while the universities were competitive in Tennis, they were not very selective in academics. After a meeting between my trainers, my parents, and Ramón Romero, we understood clearly that the difference between some universities and others is enormous, and that my future as a student/tennis player and, especially, as a person, would be completely different as a result of the university I chose. I want to thank my parents and trainers at TGA, especially Javier Fernández, for having helped me to make this big decision at a difficult time of transition to university. Thank you very much for your unconditional support.


Carlos Divar is currently the Spanish player with the highest academic ranking among the hundreds of students at American universities with a tennis scholarship.“