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Top University Placement

  • Career Path

    Strategically designed roadmap tailored to students’ academic and athletic records, SAT scores, intended majors, and socioeconomic levels, aimed at securing admissions at one of the 200 best universities in the world and/or the US.

  • Scholarships

    Obtain scholarships based on merit, academics, income, or sports, as applicable.

  • When to start

    It’s possible to get started as early as 13 years of age or 2nd or 3rd years of secondary education, although there is flexibility to adapt to any students’ needs.


Scholarships given at Ivy League universities are solely and exclusively for demonstrated need. Our company not only designs a personalized roadmap and plans a strategy for how and when to submit admissions applications, it also makes integral advising by our staff of Harvard and Princeton tutors regarding best practices for essay writing for each university available to its students, as universities’ teaching philosophies differ. For information purposes, our high-quality tutoring with these instructors has led to obtaining the highest results in the country on the SAT.


Similarly, we advise regarding the scholarship applications’ requirements, as well as the correct preparation of required documentation. Application completion is critical to obtaining a financial aid packet suited to each individual family and student.


We personally know and maintain close relationships with the deans of Admissions and Financial Aid departments at many top universities, as Ramón Romero, president of the company, travels between 20 and 30 weeks per year to visit top, world-class, American universities with families from all over the world. This factor is the key to helping our students and their families benefit from generous financial aid packets granted for 4-year periods.


· The IVY LEAGUE brand is the most recognized worldwide. Alumni benefit from the most exclusive relations and contacts (network) in the world. In addition, salaries for the jobs they take on are the highest. 100% of graduates from these centers find work and obtain work visas, as well as paid internships during their university careers.


Refers to the best 100 universities in the United States, excluding Ivy League schools. They do not offer academic or need-based scholarships, as they take for given that students at universities of this level boast extraordinary grades in secondary education and SAT standardized exams. As a result, scholarships available at this level are given based on family income. There are also athletic scholarships which, in most situations, require outstanding athletic capacities (offered by less than 15% of this type of universities).


In following the Elite service also offered by our company, selection of students eligible por the Premium option follows a series of strict filters. Our teaching personnel (Harvard and Princeton graduated instructors) continually help our students obtain the most competitive SAT results in order to make access to these institutions with generous scholarship packets a reality, making it easier for students’ families to manage the expense. After graduating, based on the degree selected, starting salaries can exceed $100,000 annually.


• There’s a 100% guarantee of finding a job after graduating from a Premium university. There’s also a 100% possibility to extend stay in the US for work under the H1B visa.


Refers to universities ranked between 100 to 200 in the US based on academic standing, many of which are also among the top 200 universities in the world. At this level, two types of scholarships are available to international students. Merit-based scholarships, where SAT scores constitute 80% and GPA constitutes the rest of consideration, and athletic scholarships. The latter are rare (only between 25-30% of Preferred universities grant them) and, in general, requirements for these are extremely stringent. It’s worth mentioning that scholarships at this level cannot be combined with each other, academic with athletic or vice versa.


• 90% of these centers offer paid internships at companies before degree completion and a similar percentage of graduates find work one year after finishing their degrees. More than 50% of students find jobs in the US beyond their first year under H1B status, with an extension of between 3 and 6 years, which opens work opportunities internationally in Spain, Europe, or the rest of the world with highly advantageous conditions due to experience.
  • Preferred University Placement

  • 5.500/mo
  • Premium University Placement

  • 9.500/mo
  • Elite University Placement

  • 11.500/mo