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Juan Manuel Esparcia


+34 667614305


Alicante, Spain




Master in performance Analysis, Development, and Innovation in Tennis,


High Performance Coaches Course


Master Professional (Specialized in Player Development and Coaches Education)


Level A & Coach Educator


Professional Coach & tennis director


Professional 1


ATP Coach & Player´s Agent


Spanish (Mother language)

English (Fluent)

German (Basics)

Italian (Basics)

Portuguese (Basics)




My own Paramount Purpose and Promise in Life & Work zero’s in that QUALITY NEVER FAILS & IN DEPTH DETAILS ALWAYS COME FIRST.” Like in a

Company’s Credo, I strongly believe that the above stated way of a Life Pursuit marks the way I enjoy getting goals achieved , therefore, I consider such way of life MY ULTIMATE PURPOSE.


Internationally recognized tennis coach with 25+ years of experience, awarded «Best Coach of the Year» in 2010. Expert in player and coach development, business management, and marketing. Based in Alicante, he offers coaching, advising, and management services, and conducts global training programs and lectures.


Notable Players on the ATP Tour

Guillermo García López: (ATP Ranking 23) Frederico Gil: (ATP Ranking 62)

Additionally worked with Gian Marco Moroni, Carlos Sanchez Jover, Wang Chuhan, Rigele Te, Yang Tsun Hua, Tati Rascon, Santiago Gonzalez, among others.


Current Collaborations

Sun Fajing: (ATP Ranking 327) Jie Cui: (ATP Ranking 349)


Notable Players on the WTA Tour

Anke Huber: (WTA Ranking 4)

Monica Selles: (WTA Ranking 1) Collaborated as a sparring partner.


Collaboration with the ITF (International Tennis Federation)

Collaborated as head coach of the ITF junior teams, working with the Grand Slam Players Development Programme. He helped players compete in major tournaments, including the four Grand Slams, gaining top-level experience and exposure.


Notable Players on the ITF Junior Tour

Chun Hsin Tseng & Ray Ho (TWN), Lautaro Midon, Ana Geller, Lucia Peyre & Solana Sierra (ARG), Daniel Vallejo & Martin Vergara (PRY), Alvaro Guillez Meza (ECU), Gonzalo Bueno & Dana Guzman (PER), Joao Couto (BRA), Borg Artnak (SVN), Kalin Ivanovsky (MKD), Connor Van Schalkwyk (NAM), Angela Okutoyi (KEN), Daniel Michalski (POL), Philip Henning (RSA), Stefan Palosi (ROU), Johan Rodriguez (COL), Petr Nesterov y Gergana Topalova (BGR), Julia Garcia (MEX), Priska Nugroho (IDN) among others.


References available upon request.


Project Leadership: «Planning and Methodology» – Madrid Tennis Federation

With the support of the teaching area, initiated and led an ambitious «Planning and Methodology» project for the Madrid Tennis Federation (FTM). This project was initially implemented in FTM Academies and later extended to all tennis clubs and schools across the Madrid community.


Project Objectives:

Increase tennis academies’ value and optimize teaching quality Enhance the quality of education and services provided.

Unify teaching criteria

Develop a unique teaching methodology.

Promote collaborative work led by area coordinators.

Plan, program, monitor, and evaluate through structured records.

Provide advice and support to coaches

Foster a collective mindset focused on excellence.

Assign roles, tasks, and responsibilities to enable autonomous activity under department guidelines.


Project Development:

Esparcia authored a «Teaching Guide» detailing strategies for teaching and training, methodologies, objectives, and content for each stage, as well as protocols for monitoring and evaluating both students and teachers. He also conducted various update sessions to ensure all coaches worked uniformly. A technological platform was supported to streamline management, planning, and programming protocols for the coaches.


Collaboration with the RFET Teaching Committee:

In 2019, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) presented its first development plan, covering all stages from grassroots to high performance, divided into seven training stages from ages 4 to 18. This plan addressed technical and tactical aspects, physical preparation, injury prevention, nutrition, equipment, and psychology. The project was led by the RFET’s Sports Director, Javier Soler, and the Director of the Teaching and Research Area, David Sanz. Juan Manuel Esparcia contributed to the content review, bringing his expertise to ensure comprehensive and effective training guidelines.


Professor of the Teaching Area of the RFET

Professor in the teaching department of the Real Federación Española de Tenis (RFET).


Masters Professor ¨Instituto Medac – UCAM¨

Professor of the master’s in performance Analysis, Innovation, and Development in Tennis organized by Instituto Medac and accredited by Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM).


Coach Educator in other institutions:

GPTCA (Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association) Madrid Tennis Federation (FTM)

Andalucian Tennis Federation Professional Tennis Registry.


Workshops and Congress:

Conducted coaching workshops, and participated as a speaker in numerous symposiums around the world.